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SUBJECT Helps in framing strategies and understanding the scenario of international trade market
DATE 29/Nov/2018
HEADING NAME Helps in framing strategies

Getting proper advice and background knowledge of past import-export trade that took place is very important to have before investing money in any new business. It is very essential to research and examine current market trend to lead a successful business and that is only possible with latest and authentic export and import data. This data is the key to success in import and export business.

Almost every country visible on the world’s globe is involved in the business of import-export and every year they buy their desired products from the world and fulfill the demands of other countries by selling them their desired products. There are lots of top importers and exporter countries in the world and China ranks first among them.

In the list of world’s top 5 imports commodities, oil is such item which almost every country in the world imports in largest number of quantity. It covers approximately 16 percent of total imports. The second desired product is electronic equipment (13.6 percent), third is machines, engines & pumps, accounted for around 11.5 percent of total imports. Vehicles hold the fourth position in the list of world’s top imports (covers 7.4 percent) and fifth largest imports in the world is Plastics & plastics articles, accounted for approximately 3 percent.

In the list of world’s largest export commodities, oil is equally exported the most as it is imported. With the reference of world’ export and import data, around 16.2 percent margin covers in world’s oil exports. The second position is hold by electronic equipment which accounted for 12.6 percent of world’s total exports. The third largest export is machines, engines & pumps (11.4 percent). Vehicles grasp the world’s top fourth position and lastly the fifth largest export products are Gems, precious metals and coins.

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