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Cookies & Privacy Policy
How to Understand Cookies?

Cookies are referred to as the information which includes an anonymous as well as unique identification code which is sent to the browser. It is done by using a web served which is safely stored on the user’s hard disk. It enables the website to acknowledge user’s device and save some information about the user’s choice or past activities.

What Kind of Cookies are used on Our Website?
A. Technical Cookies

Mandatory Cookies: Some cookies are required for browsing the site and hassle free functioning of the different features. Without these, comparison, search and other types of services will not remain the same.

Statistical or Traffic Affecting Cookies: Such types of cookies provide information on using the site, pages clicked and errors found during navigation. The cookies also assist us in finding and learning the sources of user’s visit to the website. These cookies do not present any of personal data which can be used for recognizing users. The information is gathered anonymously to assist in the smooth functioning of the website. Using our site, you show your consent to such kind of cookies. If you prefer to block them, then the optimal functioning of the site cannot be assured.

B. Cookies for Advertising Purposes

Such type of cookies gathers user information to present advertisements on different third party sites.

C. Social Cookies

These cookies enable our site to be shared and permit for "Like" clicks on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and Google + etc.

The cookies are known to have different lifespan. Session cookies are considered as valid for a single session and then result as the closing of the browser while consistent cookies are known to have a different lifespan.

Authorizing the Use of Cookies on Our Website

According to our cookies policy, the users browsing our site are taken as agreed to use cookies, until they change the browser configuration in order to block them. The users are taken as browsing the website the moment they close the cookies notification and start scrolling through the website and then by clicking on any feature presented on the website etc.

Jimare Exim Solutions hereby grants you a limited license to access the web site. The web site and content encompassing text, reports, data, images and graphics presented on the site may only be used for personal usage and strictly prohibited for commercial use. You agree not to use it for any commercial mean, without the written consent of Jimare Exim Solutions.

The content here lies as the exclusive property of Jimare Exim Solutions and is protected by copyright, adhering to intellectual property laws. Trademarks, names and product names, logos on the site and within the content mean to their respective owners and are safeguarded by applicable copyright laws. Any unauthorized uses of the presented stuff; images, content, graphics or any other type are strictly prohibited.

  • You may not agree to use the web site for any unlawful purpose. You shall always honor all reasonable requests by Jimare Exim Solutions to safeguard Jimare’s proprietary interest in the site.

  • You may select a username and password and offer Jimare Exim Solutions with accurate and complete information as a part of the registrations process. Failure to do so will be considered as a breach of the agreement which may lead to immediate termination of the access.

  • You are hold liable for activities performed by you with regard to your browsing and using website. If you are not satisfied with the content or the web site, you sole remedy is to cease using the content and the site as well. Jimare Exim Solutions will not be liable for the damages you face while browsing or using the web site.

  • You may gain access to websites by using hypertext or other computer links other than Jimare. Such hyperlinks are mentioned for your reference only and the sole responsibility of such sites’ owners. You agree that Jimare is not liable for the operation of such web sites and that Jimare Exim Solutions will not be responsible to you or any other entity for using third party web sites. You are solely liable for deciding the extent to which you may be willing to use any content or web sites to which you may get link from the Jimare site.

  • The user grants to Jimare Exim Solutions, the non-exclusive right to use all the content and material presented on the site by user. Users entering information on the Jimare site are liable for the same. Neither Jimare nor its owners hold any responsibility for other content encompassing the content of any information posted by users or others, for the content of information which is accessible through direct or indirect hyperlinks from the Jimare site. However, Jimare holds all the rights to may or may not exercise in the sole discretion, to edit, to modify, to delete the content that Jimare Exim Solutions considers to be offensive or inappropriate.

  • You may not enter or distribute any information through the Jimare site which is promotional encompassing solicitations for funds or business, without the prior consent or authorization of Jimare Exim Solutions.

The user agrees to compensate Jimare from all kinds of damages, costs, charges and liabilities encompassing reasonable attorneys' fees that Jimare and their affiliates or employees, and authorized representatives may incur as an overcome of either: (i) the User's breach of agreement; or (ii) information entered on the Jimare site with using User's screen name or password.

Blocking and Deleting Cookies

You have the choice of blocking or deleting cookies as per your preferences and most of the browsers provide you with this option. However, we would like to add that blocking all kind of cookies would negatively affect user experience. Hence, we suggest to enable the use of cookies while visiting our website.

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