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General Questions
What are your services?

We provide you with import-export data solutions to meet your specific demands. By ensuring you provide the requested data, we help you build your business in different locations around the world.

Differentiate between Custom Data, Statistical Data.

Custom data denotes to the specific information which you can use as per your requirements. Statistical data often combine the facts and figures that are already present and shown in table, chart or graphic form.

What kind of data should I prefer?

It entirely depends on your business requirements. If you think that custom data would assist you more, you should opt it else there is always an option to choose the statistical data.

Can I get the contact details of Importer and Exporter?

No, we do not prefer providing the details in report for security reasons. However, you will be given the contact details of importer and exporter you opt for your business.

Can I find HS code for my product?

You are encouraged to use our search button. Another option is you can send us a demo request. We can assist you the way you want.

How is the report helpful for my business?

The report consists of the contact details of importer and exporter you are looking for your business needs. While it assists your business growth, it saves time too.

Getting Started
What are the fields I can find in data and report?

The fields covered in data report include business domain, contact details, products and services and company credibility, location etc.

What countries do you have in your report?

We provide global services. You can find almost every country you name. However, if you do not find what you look for, you can always contact us for assistance.

Which countries Custom data do you provide?

We offer you multiple countries such as....

Which Countries Statistical data do you provide?

There are various countries we cover like....

Do you provide data online?

Yes, you can get the data online if you request us to do so.

Do you provide demo before buying data?

Yes, we do provide demo if requested.

What is the cost for demo sample of the report?

Initially we do not charge you for the demo. But if you request again, it will be chargeable.

How soon can I expect revert after dropping the query?

We try our best not to keep you waiting. You will get response quickly, generally within 24 hours.

Source & Update of Data
What are the criteria of your report?

We ensure to offer you the report of genuine business sellers and buyers. To ensure the safety, we use market intelligence to come up with authentic information.

Where is your data sourced from?

We source it from custom duty department. Before sharing data with our clients, we ensure the authenticity.

How frequently do you update your database?

We update our database on regular basis. For this, we coordinate with custom duty department that assists us in having an updating database.

What is your cost for Import Export report?

The cost varies depending on your specific needs. However, the average cost for import export report is....

What payment modes do you offer?

In order to facilitate our clients, we offer multiple payment modes. Online transfer, NEFT, IMPS, Net banking are to name a few.

What terms of payment do you offer?

The payment terms are made clear from the day you contact us. However, you will get the details once you are willing to buy our services.

After transferring Payment, how soon will you share data?

It is done on immediate basis. Generally, you will get the data within a day as soon as you make the payment.

Do you provide 100% money back guarantee?

We claim the authencity of our data, however if you find it false, we will not hesitate to refund your money.

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