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        Date HS Codes Product Description Unit Qty Value Inr Port of Loading Origin
        19-11-2016 18069090 KINDER JOY CHOCOLATE K JOY T1X16X9 PC LEI1 EGY AAR (MATERIAL CODE 77144743) (NET WT: 1354.752 KGS) NOS 64512 817658 Nhava Sheva Sea El Iskandariya = Al
        15-11-2016 84199090 DEFLECTION ROLLER PART CODE 112408106191 NOS 2 7358 Sabarmati ICD Lae
        08-11-2016 85177090 POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT, ART CODE. BMG980336/5,SR#C941031355,IMP.BOE. NO.445755/22.05.2007 (FAULTY NOS 1 11323 Delhi Air Cargo KUALA LUMPUR INT'L
        04-11-2016 85114000 STARTER MOTOR WITH MAX. CURRENT UPTO 1100 AMPS. (ITEM CODE NO:JST3055Z) PCS 25 94545 Tughlakabad ARHUS
        18-11-2016 84329010 "AGRICULTURE EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS SHEET METAL FABRICATION SECOND HEAD 2.5""X 8 X1.25 PRODUCT CODE:12 NOS 40 143715 Nhava Sheva Sea Fremantle
        08-11-2016 85177090 TRANSCEIVER, ART CODE. KRC1311002/1,SR#X531529190 ,IMP.BOE.NO.589141/20.03.2007(FAULTY UNITS SENT FO NOS 1 49273 Delhi Air Cargo KUALA LUMPUR INT'L
        19-11-2016 85176270 PLUG IN UNIT, ART.CODE, HRY10220/1,SR#A23102YWM9,IMP.BOE.NO. 2896717/04.03.2011(FAULTY UNITS SENT F NOS 1 26814 Delhi Air Cargo GOTHENBURG
        21-11-2016 29061990 AROMA CHEMICALS-TERPINEOL PERFUMERY GRADE (A00420) CODE NO C11220010 KGS 2220 484252 Nhava Sheva Sea AlexandraEgypt)
        05-11-2016 85381010 MACHINED & FORGED COMPONENTS - CLAMP, UPPER BOTTLE PRODUCT CODE:46041-590-01 NOS 50 153580 Nhava Sheva Sea Norfolk
        17-11-2016 87089900 TRACTOR SPARE PARTS-PRESSURE CAP-PACKED-PART CODE:9971230.P NOS 25 2026 Tughlakabad New York
        11-11-2016 30049099 IRIFRIN EYE DROPS, 2,5% (VIAL DROPPERPLASTIC 5ML NO.1,BAR CODE NO.8901236010806 PAC 6000 1114820 Delhi Air Cargo ALMATY
        08-11-2016 87032120 Bajaj RE 4S Autorickshaw in SKD packed condition. (without battery) H. S. CODE 8703.21.54 NOS 264 2.162852E+07 Nhava Sheva Sea Colombo
        16-11-2016 87085000 AG. TRACTOR PARTS : UTILITY AXLES - AXLE, FRONT ASSY LIMITED SLIP VARIANT CODE- 84513396 NOS 11 994114 Dadri STTPL CFS) Mersin
        07-11-2016 40169390 TRACTOR SPARE PARTS - GASKET FUEL SENDRUNIT LND-PAC - PART CODE. 87391720.P NOS 50 1423 Dadri STTPL CFS) Paranagua
        21-11-2016 56079090 POLYESTER BRAID: ARTICLE: 8071, TKT NO:1.0MM HS, LENGTH:500, PARTY SHADE:105,TILSHADE: 30059 (API) NOS 54 14805 Petrapole Road BENAPOLE
        15-11-2016 84199090 IMPELLER O RING (30% HCL FEED PUMP MODEL: KNS FEP/PFA 50-32-200 CTM) ITEM CODE :MY1827 PCS 1 1318 Bombay Air Cargo KUALA LUMPUR INT'L
        05-11-2016 61091000 P/L 100% COTTON KNITTED MENS EMBROIDEREDT-SHIRTS (COMMESSA NO. CNC2176 00906 ,STYLE & FABRIC CODE : NOS 1 1971 Bombay Air Cargo MILAN
        18-11-2016 84119100 PARTS OF TURBO JETS OR TURBO PROPELLERSTUBE,OIL LH-VFSG SUPPLYITEM CODE ER9344G01 NOS 15 375917 PuneTalegoan ICD Miami
        17-11-2016 87089900 TRACTOR SPARE PARTS-SEAL FRONT-PART CODE:4031577.P NOS 2 86 Tughlakabad New York
        11-11-2016 87019090 61/0-TRACTOR WORKMASTER 60 2WD VM,VARIANT CODE-WM60G2052424(AGRICULTURAL TRACTOR:NEW AND UNUSED) NOS 1 841543 DadriACPL CFS Houston
        21-11-2016 84119100 PARTS OF TURBO JETS OR TURBO PROPELLERSMANIFOLD BIFI OILITEM CODE : 2380MA45G001 NOS 5 542604 PuneTalegoan ICD Miami
        11-11-2016 95030030 PLASTIC PROMOTIONAL TOYS - DITADRAGONZ GOLD DRAGON - ITEM CODE: 66633034 NOS 156000 723556 Nhava Sheva Sea Hamburg
        04-11-2016 85114000 STARTER MOTOR WITH MAX. CURRENT UPTO 1100 AMPS. (ITEM CODE NO:JST1112) PCS 25 98290 Tughlakabad Felixstowe
        18-11-2016 95030030 PLASTIC PROMOTIONAL TOYS - PIN CAR 2 RACER - ITEM CODE: 66633106 NOS 124800 522213 Nhava Sheva Sea Hamburg

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