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        Date HS Codes Product Description Unit Qty Value Inr Port of Loading Origin
        08-11-2016 87032120 Bajaj RE 4S Autorickshaw in SKD packed condition. (without battery) H. S. CODE 8703.21.54 NOS 264 2.162852E+07 Nhava Sheva Sea Colombo
        21-11-2016 87032391 (REWARDITEM) HYUNDAI CARS CRETA 5DR 1.6GL AT (1591 CC PETROL) (A0W5D261F D D190) (RHM, U7U, V3G, X2R NOS 45 3.672179E+07 Chennai Sea Zarate
        18-11-2016 87032191 VH11C2A00019600 NEW CELERIO P96 MT GA KMAB PASSENGER CAR CELERIO LHD 998CC NOS 12 4167578 Mundra Arica
        23-11-2016 87032291 (REWARDITEM) HYUNDAI CARS NEW i20 5DR 1.4 GL AT (1,368 CC, PETROL) (C7S6K461B DD239) (PSW) NOS 28 1.621746E+07 Chennai Sea Durban
        03-11-2016 87032291 (REWARDITEM) HYUNDAI CARS GRAND I10 1.25GLS MT(B4S6K3615 G G109) (PJW) NOS 2 977561 Chennai Sea Zarate
        23-11-2016 87033191 FORD ECOSPORT MOTOR CAR 1.5L DIESEL TREND MT RHD NOS 60 3.960331E+07 Ennore Durban
        18-11-2016 87032199 Bajaj Qute Qcar 4 Wheel 217cc Passengervehicle (Quadricycle) in CBU condition (PI-6516) NOS 20 2899600 Nhava Sheva Sea Puerto Quetzal
        17-11-2016 87032391 PASSENGER CAR VENTO LHD MEXICO# HIGHLINE1.6 MPI AT MODEL- 6044G3 ENGINE-1600CCPETROL AUTO TRANS NOS 45 2.879303E+07 Bombay Sea Veracruz
        17-11-2016 87032291 MOTOR CAR Wth Cylndr Cpcty>=1000Cc But <1500Cc Wth Sprk-Igntn CHEVROLET SPARK PET MT,17,1.2 LH SB EN PCS 130 5.171041E+07 Bombay Sea Veracruz
        11-11-2016 87032291 HYUNDAI I20 CARS i20 Active 1.4 GL MT (1,368 CC, PETROL)(C7S8K4617 D D374)(PSW) NOS 2 1200698 Chennai Sea Papeete
        08-11-2016 87032291 MOTOR CAR DATSUN GO PLUS T (O) AIRBAG,ENG NO-848561C,CHASSIS NO-9018946 PCS 1 342018 Raxaul Kathmandu
        10-11-2016 87033191 FORD ECOSPORT MOTOR CAR 1.5L DIESEL TITANIUM MT LHD NOS 3 2432215 Ennore Bremerhaven
        16-11-2016 87032391 (REWARDITEM) HYUNDAI CARS CRETA 5DR 1.6GL MT (1591 CC PETROL)(A0W5D2617 D D093)(X2R) NOS 1 679956 Chennai Sea Iquique
        23-11-2016 87032391 (REWARDITEM) HYUNDAI CARS Creta 1.6 GLSAT (1591CC Petrol) (A0W5D261F D D357) (RHM, U7U, V3G, X2R, X5 NOS 65 5.230747E+07 Chennai Sea Santo Domingo
        11-11-2016 87032191 OD13C2B00021000 Alto 800 MC DX PASSENGERCAR ALTO 800 LHD 796CC NOS 1 235808 Mundra San Antonio
        16-11-2016 87039090 HANDLE WITH LOCK PCS 16 11680 Tughlakabad Antwerpen
        18-11-2016 87032291 ZI13C2E00029600 Dzire MC2 P96 GL+ MT ACALLOY KM FOG CD 10KHZ BT ABS AB PASSENGER CAR DZIRE LHD 1197C NOS 25 1.219988E+07 Mundra Corinto
        18-11-2016 87032291 NISSAN MOTOR CARS-1.2 L (1198CC)PETROL NISSAN MICRA BASE & 5MT MODEL FDWULQFK13EW5A--C- PCS 50 2.247849E+07 Ennore La Goulette Nord Ha
        15-11-2016 87032191 (MOTOR CARS) EON ERA + 800 CC (ENG. NO &CH. NO AS PER INVOICE) NOS 5 1134065 Raxaul Birgunj
        11-11-2016 87032191 1KP1C2K00142200 BALENO K10C GLX 5MT SLDAHORVM WP HATCH BACK NEW BALENO LHD 998CC NOS 4 2333702 Mundra Bremerhaven
        23-11-2016 87032191 FORD ECOSPORT MOTOR CAR 1.0L PETROL TITANIUM MT RHD NOS 39 2.597064E+07 Ennore Durban
        22-11-2016 87032291 1496CC MOTOR VEHICLES(CARS)-TOYOTA ETIOSCROSS PETROL(SPARK IGNITION)-1496CC-We intend to claim rewar NOS 53 2.804142E+07 Ennore Durban
        10-11-2016 87033191 FORD ECOSPORT MOTOR CAR 1.5L DIESEL TREND MT LHD NOS 4 3038847 Ennore Antwerpen
        10-11-2016 87032291 FORD ECOSPORT MOTOR CAR 1.5L PETROL TITANIUM AT LHD NOS 3 2306508 Ennore Bremerhaven

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